Photography Resource Library

Alternative Processes
Alternative Photography   Bostick & Sullivan Alternative Photo Supplies
Phoenix Process, The   Tempera Printing
Van Dyke Brownprint Instructions 01 (pdf)   Van Dyke Browns, Making Digital Negatives for
Van Dyke Notes    

General Information

Photography FAQ (pdf)   Depth of Field Wheel (pdf)
Lunar Exposure Calculator (pdf)    

Large Format Equipment

BTZS 4x5 Film Tube Kit   Grafmatic Sheet Film Holder
Large Format Photography . Info   My 4x5 View Camera Initial Experiences...
PVC Tube Based Development Tank System 01 (pdf)   QuickDisc - Exposure Compensation Device (pdf)

Large Format Construction

Simple Large Format Camera Design   Welcome to DIY bellows page

On-Line Photo Magazines

LensWork Publishing   Sight Photography
PDN Online   Shutterbug Magazine Web Edition

Photography Schools /Courses

New York Institute of Photography    

Photography Stores

Calumet Photo   Henry's Canada
View Camera Store, The   Vistek

Pinhole Photography

Pinhole Photography / Camera Design Calculators   Polaroid Pinhole Photo Kit Users Guide (pdf)
Polaroid Pinhole Photography Handbook (pdf)   Raytex Pinhole Photography

Polaroid Information

35mm Autoprocessor Users Guide (pdf)   4x5 Film Guide (pdf)
405 Film Pack Holder (pdf)   51HC PN, Polaroid Datasheet (pdf)
545 Pro Users Guide (pdf)   545 Users Manual (pdf)
545i Film Holder Tips (pdf)   545i Users Guide (pdf)
665 PN, Polaroid Datasheet (pdf)   8x10 Film Processor Users Guide (pdf)
80 Film, Polaroid Type (pdf)   Daylab 35 Plus Users Guide, Polaroid (pdf)
Daylab 35 Users Guide, Polaroid (pdf)   MP-4 Photomacrography Users Manual, Polaroid (pdf)
OEM Catalogue (pdf)   ThermoBack, Polaroid (pdf)
PolaPan CT, Polaroid Datasheet (pdf)   Using Instant Film, A Guide to  (pdf)

Studio Equipment

How to make your own background stand (pdf)   Tinker Tubes - Personal Lighting Systems (pdf)