About the ImageMaker

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"It is not sufficient to merely record an event,
photographers must be required to interpret what
they see through their cameras, using all of the
tools at their disposal."

"It's a photographer's task to make concrete the
passage of time and, in doing so, save our memories,
thoughts and emotions from obscurity."

Tom Smith, Photographer

Equipment Used:

35mm Equipment Nikon FE, F3, and F65 bodies
50mm, 28-80mm, 28-100mm, and 70-300mm Lenses
500mm f5.6 Mirror Lens
Medium Format Equipment Pentacon 6TL body (6cm x 6cm),
with eyelevel, metered and waist level finders
65mm, 80mm, 250mm lenses
Mamiya RB67 body (6cm x 7cm),
with eyelevel, metered and waist level finders
90mm, 180mm Lenses
120, 220 and Polaroid film backs
Large Format Equipment Polaroid MP-4 Camera
Century Graphics Camera
Kodak Master View 4x5 Camera

105mm, 135mm and 250mm Lenses
Polaroid 405, 500, 545 and 550 Holders
Graflex Pack Film Adaptor
4x5 Sheet Film Holders